IBM™ Federal

“During my 25 years in Corporate America, I have not met anyone as committed to quality, professionalism, and her customer's success as Sheila Handy.”

- Scott Phillips, IBM Federal

PESystems Inc.™

“PESystems has been providing systems engineering and information technology services for over 30 years. Our mission at PESystems, Inc. and its subsidiaries Summit Research Corporation (SRC) and Atlantic Analysis Corporation (AAC) is to fulfill the needs of its customers and in doing so exceed their expectations for service, quality and value. I am highly pleased with Sheila Handy's level of performance and support to PESystems and she has exceeded our expectations for services, quality and value in every way. She possesses strong technical, management, and leadership skills and is an asset to any organization's process improvement effort. As well as having the experience, it is impressive that she has earned leading quality certifications and is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP). I highly recommend SRH & Associates outstanding services.”

- Wesley King, President and CEO, PESystems Inc.

Red River Computer Company Inc. ™

“The road to ISO 9001:2000 Certification has been a pleasure with Sheila Handy as our consultant. Her passion for Quality, her vast knowledge of the ISO Standard, and her quest to understand our business from top to bottom put me at ease immediately. At all times, she has provided Red River with personal attention and the utmost professional assistance.
Starting with our Gap Analysis, to developing and implementing our QMS, to training employees, all the way to our Certification Audit, Sheila was right there as a part of our ISO team. She provided a structured program for us to follow, including assignments, a project timeline, and even games to make the process fun - all of which proved invaluable. Our Quality Management System and all of our employees are now prepared to face the most stringent ISO Auditor. Many thanks to Sheila and her associates - I would recommend you to a colleague in a heartbeat! ”

- Kim Vacca, Quality Manager, Red River Computer Company Inc.

CounterTrade Products Inc.

“It is refreshing to work with someone who truly loves and believes in what they are doing. Because of that, Sheila is outstanding in outlining and helping guide a company through the ISO quality process. Sheila believes in "quality" and is able to establish a clear vision for the importance of quality within an organization. Your investment in ISO is protected when you have her on your team.”

- Joe Boglino, Vice President of Sales, CounterTrade Products Inc.

American Society for Quality

“As the former President of the American Society for Quality and currently Chairman of the International Academy for Quality I highly recommend Sheila Handy as a consultant for your organization. She is extremely well qualified. I have work with her for more than 8 years and her professionalism and passion for quality is exceptional.”

- Spencer Hutchens, Past President, American Society for Quality


“Your professionalism, dedication and expertise made EDS protégés and the EDS Mentor Protégé Program not just successful but a Nationally Awarded Program.”

- Alicia E. Dudley, EDS, Client Delivery Executive

Communication Technologies Inc.

“Ms. Sheila Handy is an ISO 9001:2000 certification professional. Ms. Handy has been instrumental in assisting us with our successful efforts to implement the ISO 9000 Quality Management System (QMS). Her support was invaluable as she took us from a point of little or no understanding of the QMS process to full certification in less than one year. This was an extraordinary accomplishment given the time constraints we were under.
Ms. Handy is the consummate professional and subject matter expert on the subject of ISO 9001:2000 certification. I highly recommend Ms. Handy to assist you in your efforts to achieve and/or maintain ISO 9001:2000 certification. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. ”

- Joseph E. Fergus, President and CEO, Communication Technologies Inc.

Dynamic Technology Systems, Inc

“As a management consultant, Ms. Sheila Handy evinces a level of expertise and competence unexcelled in my experience by any individual in any profession, discipline, or field of endeavor. Totally knowledgeable and focused, she is an exemplar of the consummate professional. Her absolute mastery of the entire sphere of quality management is readily evident in her comprehensive grasp of related principles, systems, standards, and applications. Any organization with a quality management requirement, of any type, should place complete reliance on Ms. Sheila Handy for the best solution.”

- Charles Graham, Dynamic Technology Systems, Inc.

My Biz Niche

“Mat's coaching has helped me and my business get back on track. With prioritizing my goals personally and professionally. Not only did my business achieve growth through his through sales coaching. I was able to improve the quality of the people I was surrounding myself with. This was all during a difficult time and I am very grateful for having Mat there to help guide me.”

- Shawn Byrne Owner/Operator, My Biz Niche

Southern Adventist University

“Mat helped me organize and tackle step-by-step some pretty daunting, anxiety-enducing tasks I had ahead of me. With his help, I was able to significantly break down what I needed to accomplish into bite-sized, doable chunks. One year later, I am still following his advice and referring to the extra resources he gave me!”

- Clarise Nixon, M.A., Southern Adventist University

Red River Computer Company

“I want to respectfully compliment Sheila for the very professional training session yesterday. It was about as flawless as you get. It's difficult to engage folk-in-the-trenches with some of the seeming-abstract concepts. Her firm and steady engagement kept it moving, and stimulated genuine interest. The rationale for the organization pursuing ISO certification has been advocated.”

- Murray Washburn, Red River Computer Company

Management Support Technology Inc (MSTI)

“Sheila R. Handy has provided quality management system support to Management Support Technology, Inc (MSTI) for more than eight years. Her performance has always exceeded our expectations and she has been invaluable to our company as an auditor assisting us in maintaining our quality management system. As a skilled and outstanding auditor with impressive credentials, she is able to audit all of our projects ranging from logistics, to our complex nuclear and information technology projects. The 3rd party registrar that registered MSTI and currently conducts our surveillance audits continues to comment, "they know when Sheila has conducted an audited because of the comprehensiveness of audits". Her support to MSTI is outstanding and she continues to be an essential asset to our company.”

- Jim George, President and CEO, Management Support Technology Inc (MSTI)

Global Analytic Information Technology Services (GAITS)

“GAITS is a provider of a focused array of professional services; including verification & validation, information technology solutions, staff augmentation, program and administrative support, help desk and end-user support. GAITS has enjoyed 600% growth since 1997 and one of our strategic objectives in 2003 was to become an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. SRH came highly recommended by a leading 3rd party registrar to provide consulting services to GAITS. SRH quickly understood our business model and provided a systematic and customized methodology to implementing ISO 9001:2000. Sheila's leadership and technical skills were unparalleled in assisting GAITS to become certified. SRH's services are invaluable and she continues to be a member of GAITS Quality Assurance team. Additionally, Sheila conducts quality management system audits that are comprehensive and are a value to GAITS. SRH has exceeded GAITS expectations and SRH is a member of the GAITS winning team.”

- Tony Asefi, CEO, Global Analytic Information Technology Services (GAITS)

Dev Technology Group

“Ms. Handy mentored and guided Dev Technology throughout the entire process to create its quality management system. She worked with the company to develop the system using a customized approach that adhered to the organization’s needs. Using her specialized method, she took the opportunity to listen, learn and truly know the organization. With her combination of expertise, insightfulness and flexibility, she guided the corporation in a direction that added the most qualified value to the firm. Dev Technology achieved ISO 9001:2000 registration with no findings. The company owes much gratitude to Ms. Handy for providing detail-oriented guidance and strong support during this journey toward success.”

- Susie Sylvester, Dev Technology Group, Executive Vice President


“We at Agilis highly recommend Sheila Handy's quality consultant and auditing services. Sheila's extremely qualified advice, backed by impressive credentials successfully helped guide and prepared us for an ISO 9001:2000 initial assessment audit in 2004. Agilis is a growing engineering services company especially skilled and structure to support the aerospace industry internationally.
A major international company with the challenge to achieve ISO 9001:2000 certification to avoid jeopardizing millions in future revenue confronted Agilis. What we needed was an extremely qualified, success-oriented individual that knew how to help us march the shortage path towards certification.
Sheila Handy came highly recommended with a reputation for 100% success. It wasn't too long before we realized she was the correct choice. Her tenacity and professionalism was key towards helping the management team adhere to a very aggressive, success-oriented schedule. Her personable and infectiously positive attitude to succeed helped prepare and motivate employees at all levels. We completed a steep climb to the summit in less than 4 months that even the best would say couldn't be done in such short time and to such a level.
Here are just a few comments/compliments from the Auditors during the course of a 3-day audit that further exemplify the achievement:

  • Impressed with the sophistication and maturity of the QMS.
  • Documentation well organized and accessible.
  • Process measurements very comprehensive
  • Depth of analysis of process measurement impressive.
  • Agilis has gone beyond ISO 9001:2000 in several areas.

Sheila has continued to stay in touch. Knowing this has been reassuring. Agilis is pleased to be part of her list of companies contributing to her reputation for 100% success. We expect and look forward to employing her services again as we continue to grow. ”

- Frank O'Neill, President and CEO, Agilis

Morgan State University

“For the last 4 years, Sheila Thornton has been an asset and invaluable associate of the Entrepreneurial Development & Assistance Center (EDAC) in achieving quality assurance for clients participating in the Department of Defense's Mentor Protégé Program. She has been a highly skill project manager to ensure the projects completed on-time and within budget. I recommend Sheila Thornton as a valuable team member for any organization.”

- Omar S. Muhammad, Entrepreneurial Development & Assistance Center of Morgan State University, Director


“Mat is goal oriented with a unique ability to identify opportunities or issues quickly. His ability to develop successful strategies and implement them improves productivity and revenue and his attention to detail and service provides lasting value. Mat is a straightforward professional who you can count on to ensure a positive outcome.”

-Greg Armstrong, President & GM, KCDO-TV

Here is some more feedback that we received from the participants instructed by Sheila R. Thornton:

"Very knowledgeable and definitely excited about ISO!"

"Very enthusiastic and interesting."

"Very clear and easy to understand."

"Good interaction with audience."

"Excellent instructor and speaker."

"Helped show me why our company needs ISO."

"It was about as flawless as you get."

"Well paced and structured."

"Your expertise and love for quality was apparent in the training."

"The material was great!"

"This information was presented well and presenter was organized, touched on all aspects as it relays to the organization."

"Sheila has done her research into how the organization works."

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